Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meiji Ice Cream Bar

Meiji Milk Cookie Ice Cream Bar

If you’re bored or feeling stressed, you can enliven yourself by doing something different. Why not start with eating something new? Meiji ice cream bar is a novel snack to me.

My sister bought this milk cookie ice cream bar for me a couple of weeks ago. As twins, we would always eat our snacks together, especially those that we haven’t tried before. I had been looking forward to tasting this yummy-looking ice cream. Unfortunately, my sister got sick so we weren’t able to eat it right away.

Finally, my most anticipated day came. We didn’t enjoy our lunch so much so I asked my twin if she’d like to eat those ice cream bars that she’d bought. She agreed.
I love the packaging. It looks nice and sophisticated. The ice cream isn’t as chocolaty as other brands. But the sweetness is just right. I love the texture – it is soft and chewy. Perfect for a messy eater like me. I always have a hard time eating popsicles or ice cream bars as they would melt and drip all over my hands before I can consume the whole thing. Yes, I eat like a little girl.:( But with Meiji ice cream bar, I wouldn’t have to worry about messing my shirt!

Meiji ice cream bars are available at Mandarin Supermarket (Ongpin Street). Each bar costs around Php28. (I will update this post for its exact price the next time I go to the grocery).


  1. Hi Cheerfulnuts,
    Oh, I would love to have some of this right now! I am sure it is oh so delicious. Every year when I go Christmas shopping I buy a variety of chocolate bars, sweets etc. Take care and have a good day.

  2. Hello Judy,
    I wish I can give you one now LOL. I still prefer the other sweeter brands that I grew up eating. But Meiji tastes different. It feels refreshing to eat something different.
    Have a nice day!:D

  3. So delicious! I would love to try it.

  4. I didnt know they have ice cream! I like their black choco and macadamia! must try it soon.

  5. Hi pinkcookies. Yeah, you should try it. I'm not sure if you'll love it. It doesn't taste like the ice cream that we're used to, but it's worth a try.:)



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