Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hotel Ghost Story

File:Medieval ghost.jpg
Wikimedia Commons

I want to share a hotel ghost story I heard on TV. This is a true story and had been all over the news in Taiwan years ago.

A working student from Taipei was sent to another city by his company. He was given money for lodging. Thinking that it was a waste to rent a nice hotel room, he chose to stay in a cheap hostel. 

He went to the hostel. There was no one except for a man behind the counter. He didn't see any housekeeper or any guest. Heck, he was probably the only guest in the hostel. After check-in, he went to his room. It smelled really bad. There were mice and cockroaches. He thought to himself, you get what you paid for. The room was dead cheap. What could you expect?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What to Do About PayPal Fraud

The scam truckAnyone can experience a Paypal fraud or PayPal scam. Some days ago, I just received a fake PayPal email. 

I have the habit of looking through my mail account's Spam folder before hitting the trash can button. I would browse through the mails to check if an important message has been trapped in the spam filter. 

I came across an email from PayPal. It says that I have successfully sent a payment of $149.49 USD to a certain Dave Klein. The problem is, I haven't made such purchase at all. Like in the official emails of PayPal, this one has the company logo and a link to "PayPal's website" for me to see the transaction. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Date: A Dating Game Show

Source: Loke Yek Mang |

I was watching a Chinese dating game show (我們約會吧/Let's Date!). I don't know all the rules of the matchmaking process. I just know that each guy gets to pick a woman out of the many female participants on the show. The woman he picks can either accept or refuse to date him. If the woman agrees to date the guy, they will leave the stage together. Otherwise, the guy will leave alone and the girl will stay on stage. The next guy will appear again and the whole process repeats. I keep seeing the same girls every time I watch the show. I'm not sure, but I think it has the same female participants for every season. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm My Sister's Guinea Pig

Small Guinea Pig
That's me!
Source: Wikimedia Commons
My sister is currently watching City Hunter after I recommended the K drama to her. She would always comment about Lee Min Ho's beautiful glowing skin. He is the male lead of City Hunter by the way. My sister is very particular about her skin so she admires people with great-looking skin.

Both of us had moderate acne during our teens. My acne was worse than hers, and because of that, I had issues with my self-esteem.

After years of suffering from acne, we finally went to a dermatologist. My sister went first. Every visit, the dermatologist would prick her pimples with his special tools. She went to him twice a week. She would also buy all the skin care products from him, which were packaged in unlabeled containers.


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