Friday, April 29, 2011

Ghost in the Hotel Room?

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Have you stayed in a hotel with ghosts? If so, is the hotel a reputable one? Is it old? Does anyone else know about it? How was the encounter?
There are rumors that Park Lane Hotel, which is located at tourists-packed Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, is haunted by ghosts. Coincidentally, that is the hotel where I stay whenever I visit Hong Kong. I learned about the ghosts from relatives who've also been there. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Little Girl at Ocean Park

I'm scared of heights. I had always dreamt of falling down the stairs as a child. I could not go down the stairs without holding onto the handrail or grabbing onto someone. When there's nothing to hold onto, I would bend my body forward like an old lady. I remember one time when I had to climb the wide stairs that lead to a certain Chinese temple. My family was ahead of me. I was so scared that I hunched over the steps and my hands had almost touched the ground. I saw some tourists looking at me curiously.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why You Should Not Ignore Flyer Distributors

What do you do when someone hands you a flyer on the streets or in the mall? Do you take it or ignore it? I encounter people who distribute flyers every single day. A building is being built near where I live, and the realty company is quite aggressive in their marketing. They have a showroom near my home; they hire young and good-looking people as agents; they put ads both in English and Chinese newspapers; they posted a couple of youths outside their showroom to distribute flyers from morning 'til afternoon. I usually avoid flyer distributors, because when I do take their flyers, I will either throw them away afterwards or add them up to my mountain of clutter at home.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


For the sake of non-Filipino speakers, kulang sa pansin (literally means lack of attention) a.k.a. KSP, is a phrase used to describe people who want to grab other people's attention. What they do to attract people's attention varies. They may sing loudly at public places, moonwalk in the middle of the street, or even dress up as vampires at malls. These attention-grabbing actions can be done not only to attract strangers, but also parents, siblings, friends, classmates or co-workers, teachers, bosses, or a crush.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Horror of a Lollipop

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As a child, I had rarely eaten cakes, chocolates, and candies compared to other kids. I prefer salty foods. But sometimes, I just couldn't resist lollipops. I don't know if it's the sweetness, the color, or the stick inserted to candies that made lollipops so appealing.
Anyway, I've heard a weird news today regarding lollipops. A teenaged boy was rushed to the hospital after eating a lollipop. His lips were terribly swollen. How could a harmless lollipop do this to a boy?

The Pig That I Love

As iPhone and iPad users multiply, Rovio developed a game called Angry Birds. The protagonists are the angry yet cute little wingless and feetless birds. Their eggs were stolen by the pigs, and the birds want payback. The game's goal is to destroy all the pigs, using birds and slingshot as weapons. Aside from the Apple gadgets, the game can also be played with smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, and soon, on Facebook (as if Farmville has not been keeping us busy enough). This game is almost everywhere! At this rate, it will be harder for us to stay away from this addictive game.


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