Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saizen July Weekend Promo

Daiso laspa

I’m a frequent shopper at Saizen, the authorized retailer of Daiso Sangyo Corp. in the Philippines. The store offers a wide collection of high-quality items. The items range from school/office supplies, accessories, toys, to kitchen utensils, snacks, and cleaning products. If you’re not familiar with Daiso, it’s a franchise of 100-yen stores in Japan. As the name implies, Daiso sells everything for 100 yen, which is around 50 pesos (or approximately $1). However, in the Philippines, Daiso products cost a little bit higher than in Japan – 85 pesos (around $2). It’s still very affordable though. Most products are imported from China. A few others are from Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. That said, you can still find items that are made in Japan.

In my visit to the mall today, I dropped by at Saizen to buy some items for home. Despite the very low price, my bill had reached $20. The price does add up if you bought several items. After the cashier told me the total price and I got guilty (again) for buying too much, she told me I could get 2 items for FREE! I found out that Saizen is having a weekend promo for the month of July. Buy 5 items and you’ll get 1 item of your choice for free (I’ve bought 10 items). My guilt started to evaporate and I was glad to have shopped there at the right time. I just hope that I will really make use of the new things I’ve bought (and not end up hidden in the closet).


  1. Wow! I didn't know about this promo.. :D Thanks for sharing about this sis. I'm also a frequent buyer at Saizen, now I can buy more Japanese cookies and milk tea! <3

  2. You're welcome Sumi.:) You should hurry before the promo ends!



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