Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Not Right to be Rude to Customers

This staff from a certain fashion store was really rude. I went to this store to look for a dress for a wedding party. If you have read my post about skinny jeans, you know that shopping for clothes is not exactly an enjoyable activity for me. The store was on clearance sale, so I hoped to find my dress there. My mom and sister found something they wanted. We went to the fitting room together. 

As always, my mom wanted me to go with her inside the cubicle. Before I could go with her, the staff blocked my way and told me to wait outside. My mom told her she needed my assistance. The staff didn't relent and frowned at us. I couldn't do anything, so I waited at the entrance. There were a handful of ladies waiting in line. Some customers got confused and thought I was falling in line too. After a few minutes, my mom poked her head out of the cubicle and asked me to help her. The staff frowned as I walked to my mom's cubicle.

After that, I left the fitting room to continue my search for a dress. I found a red one. I tried it on, but I needed my sister's nod of approval. I peeked outside but she wasn't in the fitting room. I changed back to my clothes. I handed the dress back to staff so she could put it on the rack behind her. She didn't reach out. Instead, she bossily pointed to the rack, which means I had to hang the dress myself. I obeyed her and immediately regretted not fighting back. I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. It wasn't right! She was being rude to me!" But, if I made a scene, who knows if someone would videotape my screaming and hair-pulling and post it on Youtube?

I went out feeling terrible. My sister was waiting for me on the couch. She noticed something was wrong. I told her what happened, which got her very furious. I learned that the staff had been rude to my mom and my sister too when they tried on more clothes. She and my mom marched to the fitting room. My sister asked the staff for her name, which made her nervous. She refused to give her name and immediately defended her actions even if my sister hadn't said anything yet. "Your name," my sister insisted. She said her name as softly as she could. They asked for the manager but h/she wasn't there. They promised they'd come back.

My sister is like a man. She is quiet and wants to avoid conflict as much as she can even if she's been wronged. So what she did for me is really awesome. It felt good! We left the store and had our lunch. I decided that I wanted that dress after all. We went back and I was glad the dress was still there! We pretended to look for the manager to give the staff a scare lol. The truth is, we didn't care anymore. We had confronted her and that is all I wanted.

I think the staff was simply following the rules. I have no problems with that AS LONG as she did it nicely and respectfully. But frowning at customers, stopping a daughter from assisting her mom to zip her dress, and being bossy to a customer is downright rude. It's not right.


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