Monday, January 30, 2012

Wei Lih’s Snack Noodle

Before dropping the noodles into a pan of boiling water, I’d always take bits of uncooked noodles from the pack and would pop them into my mouth.  It’s tasteless, but I love the crunchiness. The curly shapes also make it look fun to eat.

I’m always fascinated with snack noodles. I had tried some snack noodles bought from the local stores before. They taste good, but they are too powdery and too messy to eat. I also get sore throat after eating them.

When I found Wei Lih’s (維力) snack noodle (張君雅小妹妹), I immediately bought one to try it. I am happy with it. It’s not powdery and is very tasty. The packaging is quite cute. It features a girl student named Zhang Jun Ya (張君雅). This is a product of Taiwan and comes in different flavours. I have only tried seaweeds and spicy chicken flavours though.

These snack noodles are available at Mandarin Supermarket (Ongpin Street) and costs Php39 each. You may want to check out Wei Lih’s website: (in Traditional Chinese)

好好吃 get this and other cute emoticons for your MSN here
張君雅 saying "yummy!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Little Girl Wishes You a Happy Year of the Dragon!

Earlier this day, my sister and I accompanied our friend to Chinatown. It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve so the place was packed with people. Because of the dragons, some of the roads were blocked. These dragons enter each store on their way to drive out the”bad energies”, thus giving the store owner some luck for the coming year. After the electrifying performance, the dragon would grab the red envelope (which contains money) hung from the ceiling with its mouth before it exits. Again, the process of retrieving the envelope is very amusing to watch.

If you haven’t seen these dragons yet, they look like huge dragon puppets and the head is worn over the upper body of a person. The person would move the head with his hands (or in longer dragons, poles) to make it appear like dancing. Another person would stand behind the first person. He would hide beneath a long veil attached to the dragon’s head, making it appear like the dragon’s body. The dragon could be as short as two persons or as long as fifty persons. Their dance steps have to be synchronized to make them appear as one moving dragon. As they dance, another group would hit the drums.

The dragon dance is being practised in Chinese communities around the world.

To all Chinese or non-Chinese readers, the little girl wishes you a prosperous, healthy, and happy Year of the Dragon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Little Girl's New Year's Resolution for 2012

First of all, I want to greet everyone a Happy New Year! Vacation’s over and it’s time to put our best foot forward this 2012. I see lots of New-Year’s-resolution-related articles here and there so I guess it’s time to make my own list. Of course everyone can start afresh and improve his life any time (not only in New Year’s). Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to make one. Plus, it’s fun! Here’s the little girl’s New Year’s resolution for 2012:


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