About Me

Good day!

The title says it all. This blog is about myself whom I call “cheerfulnuts” or “the little girl”. My posts are about anything that I feel writing about. It’s pretty random, so I created other niche blogs. The tabs you see right below the blog title are links to my other blogs (other blogs are still under construction though). Feel free to look around.:)

I am a cheerful introvert who loves to eat nuts. My favourites are pistachios and peanuts. I’m no longer a little girl, but I look like one. I look a lot younger than my age. I’m thin and I look weak. Aside from my girly appearance, I am a little girl at heart. I love Disney, junk foods, lollipops, stuffed toys, Barbie dolls, pink, and cute stuff.

I’ve started writing online in March, 2011. Blogging is a learning process. I have learned a lot of things in the past several months and I am still learning. My blog is not perfect, but I work hard for it to make it pleasing to you. I’ve also put lots of pictures here, most of them are drawn by myself using Paint (thus, the simple and limited shapes in my silly drawings LOL). All the pictures are owned by me unless otherwise specified.

Have fun reading about my life (or rather, my random thoughts)!

Lots Love,

(The Little Girl)

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