Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Love Milk Tea

When I went to Taiwan a few years ago, I remember our tour guides recommending us to try their milk tea. They said that milk tea, especially pearl milk tea, is the best drink in Taiwan. I didn't try it though. I wasn't much of a foodie. So I went home kind of regretting not trying it and wondering how it tastes like.

Nowadays, it's the milk tea generation. Plenty of milk tea stores such as Happy Lemon and Serenitea are mushrooming in Manila. Before, you can talk to a friend over a cup of coffee. Now, you can also do the same thing with milk tea. I have plenty of friends who would post pictures of their milk tea on Facebook. I wondered what was so special about milk tea.

Happy Lemon
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It was not long before I had my first taste of milk tea from Happy Lemon. I forgot what I ordered. It wasn't so special to me. My sister liked it though. In one of her date nights, she bought a box of Lipton Milk Tea for me. A box of 5 sachets costs around P39. We tried it the next day, and I immediately fell in love with it! It's sweet and has just the right combination of milk and tea. I became addicted to it.

One time, my mom and I went to a supermarket when we ran out of milk tea. Unfortunately, Lipton Milk Tea was out of stock. I didn't want to waste our commute fare by leaving empty-handed, so I chose another brand, Mr. Brown. I've never tried any Mr. Brown products, but I always see it in commercials. So I chose it over the many other milk tea brands on the shelves that are unfamiliar to me. Yeah, advertisements definitely work.

Mr Brown milk tea
Sorry about the reflection!
I like Mr. Brown's packaging. It is more classy. It contains twenty 3-in-1 sachets. I love the taste. It's creamy, though my sister complained its being a bit bitter. The tea is more distinct than in the Lipton brand. Mr. Brown milk tea costs around P145.

Since my sister doesn't like Mr. Brown so much, and both of us love Lipton, we would only buy the latter when we go to groceries. It's fine with me. It's much cheaper anyway!

I just had a warm cup of milk tea this afternoon. Yummy!

Do you like milk tea? What is your favorite brand or store?

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