Friday, April 29, 2011

Ghost in the Hotel Room?

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Have you stayed in a hotel with ghosts? If so, is the hotel a reputable one? Is it old? Does anyone else know about it? How was the encounter?
There are rumors that Park Lane Hotel, which is located at tourists-packed Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, is haunted by ghosts. Coincidentally, that is the hotel where I stay whenever I visit Hong Kong. I learned about the ghosts from relatives who've also been there. 
My Relatives' Story
Weird things had happened in their room on the 9th floor. Some of my relatives' belongings went missing and would later be found somewhere unexpected. For example, when one of them was unpacking her things, her earrings fell on the carpeted floor. When she bent over to pick them up, they were nowhere to be found. They searched everywhere, until they found the earrings on a spot far from where they fell. The same 
thing happened to their other belongings. Thinking that it was a "child" playing tricks on them, they decided to ask the hotel staff to transfer them to another room. Curiously, my relatives asked the staff if there was a ghost in the hotel. The staff simply smiled timidly. The story is not as scary as in the movies. No shadows abruptly passing by the windows. No weird sounds. Faucets didn't turn on by themselves. No invisible hands pulling them out of the bed. No knocking at the door at midnight. No creepy face to face encounter with the ghosts. Only weird things. Only chills down the spine. I'm glad it didn't get worse.
The next time I visit Hong Kong, I will still stay at Park Lane Hotel. It does not only provide us a comfortable place to sleep in, it has also made our travels much more convenient. It has a nice location. It is surrounded by shopping malls, eateries and restaurants, 7-11, groceries, currency exchange centers, and an MTR station. I'm scared of ghosts, but I love the hotel. I guess as long as we stay away from 9th floor, we'll be safe. Besides, that's not really a bad case of haunting. Nevertheless, I won't allow any of my human roommates to leave my alone no matter what.


  1. hi dear.. tq for following me.. i follow u too.. keep in touch :-)

  2. just c from d outside, looks...... scaryyyyy

  3. irene_shane, haha, actually, this is not the Park Lane Hotel. It's just a picture that I got from flickr. Park Lane doesn't look a bit like this, and it doesn't even look scary. It's a nice looking building with lots of guests inside. It's quite cheerful there.
    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Interesting, you must be brave to stay in that hotel. I would not stay there at all, the story sounds a little scary. But I like the fact there's no creepy shadows or things like that.

  5. Hi Susana! Thanks for following me.:) Actually, I think most hotels have ghosts since a lot of people have stayed there. I'm not brave at all. My family just makes sure that we don't get the haunted rooms.:P



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